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  • Facials

    Our classic facial will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated and clean. This type of facial is perfect for a first time facial. The classic facial is customized for your skins needs and tailored to treat your concerns. A classic facial consists of
    a double cleanse, analysis of your skin, exfoliation, extractions (if needed) relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage, face mask, hydrations and SPF protection. Steam and hot towels are used at the discretion of the Esthetician based on the clients skin. Skin Script is the line of product used which is fruit based and gentle for sensitive skin.


    Anti Aging: $20

    Detox: $20

    Hot Stone: $10

    Enzyme Boost: $15


    • $69 / Classic Facial

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  • Couples Massage

    Relax with your mom, friend or significant other in our couples room. During this session two people receive a massage at the same time by two different massage therapists. This type of massage allows two people to completely relax and release personal or mutual stress.

    Ask about our membership pricing (only available in-store).

    • $89 / per person60 min
    • $119 / per person90 min
    • $149 / per person120 min

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  • therapeutic massage photo

    Aromatherapy Massage

    Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils to promote healing and a feeling of well-being and relaxation. The essential oils are extracted from herbs and plants. Effects of aromatherapy massage can last up to 48 hours.

    Ask about our membership pricing (only available in-store).

    • $9560 min
    • $12790 min
    • $159120 min

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  • Swedish Massage

    Swedish massage is a great introductory massage. It involves firm, yet gentle strokes.  Swedish massage is designed specifically to enhance circulation and blood flow to the large muscle groups. There are many benefits to a Swedish massage.

    Benefits of Swedish Massage:

    -Pain management
    -Increased blood flow
    -Rehabilitation for muscle joints
    -Increased flexibility
    -Reduced stress
    -Improved immune system
    -Reduces fatigue

    • $8960 min
    • $11990 min
    • $149120 min

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  • Prenatal Massage

    Prenatal massage is provided by a massage therapist who is certified in prenatal massage. The recommended massage method during pregnancy is Swedish. There are many benefits to receiving a prenatal massage. A prenatal massage is offered after the first trimester of pregnancy.  Written consent from your doctor may be required.

    Benefits of Prenatal Massage:
    -Reduce anxiety
    -Decrease symptoms of depression
    -Relieve muscle aches and tension
    -Reduce swelling
    -Reduce fatigue

    -High-risk pregnancy
    -Nausea, vomiting or morning sickness

    Ask about our membership pricing (only available in-store).

    • $8960 min
    • $11990 min
    • $149120 min

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  • photo of muscle melt massage

    Deep Tissue Massage

    Deep tissue massage can relieve chronic tension in the body. It allows deeper layers of muscle and fascia to be worked on using firm pressure and slow strokes. It is called deep tissue because it also focuses on the deep layers of the muscle tissue. It helps to alleviate pain, increase range of motion, relieve muscle spasms and improve circulation. You may feel like you have had a strenuous work out after receiving a deep tissue massage.

    Ask about our membership pricing (only available in-store).

    • $8960 min
    • $11990 min
    • $149120 min

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  • Hot Stone Massage

    A hot stone massage is a type of massage therapy. It is used to help you relax and ease muscle tension and stiffness throughout your body. During a hot stone massage smooth, flat basalt stones are used as an extension of the therapists hands. The hot stones are heated to between 130 and 145 degrees.

    Benefits of Hot Stone Massage:
    -Reduce stress and anxiety
    -Promote sleep
    -Increases joint flexibility
    -Decrease pain

    -Any condition associated with a loss of sensation
    -Injury or trauma where nerves have been affected
    -Anyone with a depressed immune system
    -Any nerve system dysfunction
    -Skin conditions

    Ask about our membership pricing (only available in-store).

    • $10460 min
    • $13990 min
    • $174120 min

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